When To Refinish Hardwood Floors And How

You may be thinking when you require refinishing your hardwood floor. Yes, it is easy to determine but not have the work done. First, let us see when you need to have hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC from professionals. Yes, you read it right from professionals. We will come to that latter first when we need to call the professionals.

The points to consider are:

  • 20+ years without sanding
  • Noticeable scratches and scratches
  • Cleaning does not restore the dull finish
  • Irregular shading

Indeed, even the best floors, in the end, need some genuine work. On the off chance that your home has hardwood floors, they should stand up well for quite a while furnishing your home with excellence and toughness. Eventually, nevertheless, there would be a requirement of refinishing or replacing. Before making either move, you have to do a touch of examining to discover which procedure will work for you.


Following a couple of decades, your hardwood floors will most likely have many scratches and maybe some stained regions. In the event that your floor has experienced harsh treatment, this harm may show up sooner. At the point when your floors look worn and old, you can restore the wood and make them look like new once more. You will have the option to have most hardwood floors re-sanded up to multiple times before you require to change them.

Before you start refinishing, you have to ensure that there is a 1/32 inch of wood on your floor’s surface. If not, you cannot continue and should think about supplanting the floors. You can decide the wood thickness by expelling a floor heat register and taking a gander at the encompassing sheets. On the off chance that your home does not have floor registers, you can expel a board from a corner or storeroom — someplace where no one will take note.

When your floors pass the thickness assessment, you should employ experts for the refinishing work. Except if you are involved with floor resurfacing, you hazard hopelessly harming your floors with the sander, a costly error.

When the top surface of the floor has the sanding, the floor proficient will include a few layers of the polyurethane finish. On the off chance that your floors were initially re-colored, the sanding will expel that shading. In the event that you need to hold the first shading or change to another one, you should have the floor re-colored just as sanded and coated. Another alternative is to go with the perfect shading, which ought to help the appearance of your rooms.

On certain occasions, you may get by with having just the high-traffic regions revamped in your home. Regularly, room floors hold their looks, while the family room floors bear the harm. For floors that are looking worn yet do not have any serious harm, a floor proficient can sand the top surface of the floor and afterward put another polyurethane finish over the top. This procedure considered screening and evacuates no wood, so it is very well possible to have it repeatedly. Taking this course will extraordinarily lessen your revamping costs, not including any re-coloring. Screening just expenses about a portion of the full resurfacing cost.


In certain occurrences, resurfacing your floors is not useful. In the event that your floor has auxiliary issues, for example, you cannot bring it back by sanding and covering it. In the event that individual sheets are moving, revamping them will just exacerbate the issue. Termite harm, distorting or re-colors on in excess of 30 percent of the sheets additionally imply that replacement is obvious. Likewise, if you had sanding to your floor recently, the wood might be too flimsy too, even think about refinishing again.

In the event that you choose to replace your strong hardwood floors, the cost will extend somewhere in the range which is much higher than you can expect. Softwoods, for example, pine are the most affordable, with teak, American cherry, and oak costing in the mid-run. The most costly hardwoods are woods, for example, Brazilian pecan, mahogany, cypress, and tigerwood.

You can set aside cash with designed wood flooring, which comprises of layers of wood fortified together with glues, heat, and weight. You may pick a similar kind of wood your home had initially, yet substitution offers you the opportunity to give your home a unique look. Your needs may have changed throughout the years also. At the point when your floors were first introduced, you may have had little kids as well as pets. As your life develops, you will have more opportunities in your hardwood decisions. You may choose to pick an increasingly costly wood this time around.


Regardless of whether you supplant or resurface, you can browse various hardwood stains to give the wood an alternate look. Innovative utilization of stains can settle on more affordable hardwood decisions that look progressively lavish. You can make your home look progressively open by picking light-shaded stains, for example, whites and oak hues. Medium stains, for example, chestnut, are conventional top picks, while dull stains, for example, midnight and mahogany, have become popular over the most recent couple of years. Stains give you expanded adaptability in your hardwood flooring alternatives.

Benefits of professional hardwood floor refinishing 

Proficient hardwood floor revamping is sought after today. Hardwood flooring is one of the most elegant and solid floor materials that you can get for your home. The ubiquity of hardwood flooring is because of visual intrigue and toughness. In any case, aside from these advantages, the clients can likewise get it resurfaced after long haul use. It is important to counsel experts for the fix work, as doing it without anyone else’s input can be hazardous.

Reasons to have professional hardwood floor refinishing 

Hardwood floor resurfacing by an expert is probably the best alternative for your home or the workplace to breathe life into the floors back. With the progression of time, the floor quality crumbles and requires resurfacing.

Hardwood flooring resurfacing requires a ton of time, endeavors, right instruments and hardware and in particular tolerance. In the event that you are thinking about the resurfacing choice of your wood flooring than the preeminent activity is, arm yourself with the applicable data early.

The significant favorable circumstances of counseling an expert hardwood floor restoring organization in Charlotte, NC include:

Appearance – An improvement in the appearance is the primary advantage of employing an expert for revamping reason. Being knowledgeable about the flooring industry, the experts comprehend what is best for a floor. The believed contractual workers utilize a technique called sanding that is answerable for making the floor smoother and more up to date. Nevertheless, appropriate sanding with the correct instruments improves things significantly to the final products.

Worth – Refinishing work is perfect speculation for a mortgage holder who needs to raise the estimation of his or her home. A floor with a completed look will leave a decent impact on the forthcoming purchasers. This will help the opportunity of selling the home quicker.

Moderate – Purchasing a new floor is most likely a smart thought yet can demonstrate to be exorbitant. Then again, resurfacing spares you a ton of cash that you can utilize for improving different parts of the home. As the solidness of the hardwood is reestablished through this procedure, you do not have to get it fixed repeatedly. This guarantees the costs identified with maintenance are decreased considerably.

Tidiness – The sanding and resurfacing process diminishes the resistance of the floor. Additionally, the ground surface becomes leveled and even. Accordingly, the odds of residue gathering on any piece of the floor are limited. The sanding, whenever done by a specialist, makes it simpler for property holders to clean the floor.

Option to change the color – Various specialist organizations gives an alternative to change the shade of the floor during the revamping work. This implies you get just about another floor by following through on the main portion of costs.

Why You Should Not Refinishing Hardwood Yourself 

Since we have comprehended the benefits of revamping, the following stage is to see how to locate a confided in a contractor for it. Remember, wood revamping is not a simple accomplishment to accomplish and any individual who has ever attempted to do it can reveal to you that the procedure can be chaotic in fact – directly from evacuating the entirety of the old completion and flawlessly applying the more up to date one.

Abstain from doing the revamping without anyone else, as it very well may be very hazardous. In this manner, it is best that you pick an expert to assist you with the refurnishing.

Means to choose a hardwood flooring company to refinish your floors 

Anyway, how would you realize that your company is, in fact, an expert? How might you ensure that you find the opportunity to boast about a picture before and after having refinishing, without experiencing cerebral pains and sudden additional expenses?

Here are a couple of insights.

Word of mouth still works 

Finished ventures are the best suggestion for the nature of the wood floor rebuilding the organization you are thinking about. That is the reason a verbal exchange is as yet the most obvious opportunity to locate a dependable company. Ask your companions, neighbors or colleagues about the organization they procured and whether they are content with the activity their contractual workers did.

Experience matters 

On the off chance that you feel increasingly great with a hardwood flooring reclamation organization that has been around for some time, your impulses are correct. In the first place, no business endures doing inferior work. Second, individual experience matters as well. There is a disturbing measure of things that can turn out badly while resurfacing wood floors. Air pockets in the finish, breaking floors, lopsided inclusion, and stripping topcoat – experienced contractual workers have seen it and fixed everything. In any case, when your contractual workers accompany a broad involvement with hardwood flooring revamping, you have less possibility that they experience these showing minutes when dealing with your floor. Obviously, a good contractual worker will invest the energy to fix such blunders, yet an occupation all around done from the earliest starting point is something to appreciate.

While you can without much of a stretch discover to what extent a hardwood floor organization has been doing business, it is somewhat increasingly hard to rate your contractual workers’ information when you are not a wood floor proficient yourself. So how would you do that? Visit their showroom or go to their site. Do they set aside the effort to teach their clients about the intricate details of wood floor rebuilding? Do they offer instances of their work and insights concerning hardwood floor revamping administrations? On the other hand, would they say they are simply requesting that you believe them without giving you motivations to do it? By far superior, on the off chance that you can visit a site with hardwood floors wrapped up by the organization you are thinking about, you will get a direct impression of the nature of their work.

Are they subcontracting? No, Thank You 

At the point when an organization capacities more like a financier firm for subcontractors than as a gathering of value wood floor skilled workers who carry out the responsibility themselves, this might be an issue. Inquire as to whether they subcontract the activity. Your first decision ought to be one that uses its very own confirmed workers instead of assigning the undertaking to unfit subcontractors. For example, while a National Wood Floor Association accreditation doesn’t really ensure that the activity will abandon hiccups, it shows that the information on your wood floor restoring temporary workers hosts been confirmed by a third party, which is constantly a decent sign.

Price unrealistic to be true

The wood floor industry works like the various ones: costs are uniform crosswise over organizations and any sensational takeoff from such costs ought to be a caution signal. On the off chance that your contractual workers give you a drastically lower price, ask them what the explanation is, and, on the off chance that you do not find a fantastic solution, stay away. As far as we can tell of fixing “resurfaced” floors, low-ball temporary workers are either doing shoddy work or hit you with concealed expenses after they start the undertaking.

So ensure you know previously the work inclusion. Will your contractor assist you with moving the furnishings? Will they expel the carpet from your old wood floors without costs that were not effectively considered? Talk about these subtleties when you get a quote, with the goal that the expense of restoring hardwood floors does not stay a secret that uncovers itself gradually and horrendously.

In the event that you need expert touch on your hardwood floor, you can contact Majestic Hardwood Floors for your resurfacing needs. The organization utilizes forms like sanding, re-coloring, and completing for improving the appearance and life of your floor. For more data, you can call them at 704-497-4424.

Why Should Now Be The Time You Have Your Hardwood Floors Refinished?

Certainly, hardwood refinishing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! No matter how good or bad or old or original floors may look, there is a good chance that they need some refinishing work with the time. Furthermore, it can regain its shine or saved with a professional hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC! Now you must want to know why it should be the time to have your hardwood floors refinished.

The wood itself is vulnerable to everyday movement and dust during a typical day. All your hardwood floors endure elements from the outside blowing in every time you open a door. Also, it will suffer the foot traffic both barefoot and in shoes and moisture from daily activities. Furthermore, it will suffer from the harsh sunlight as it filters in through the windows and heat and cold depending on the day and the scratches that come into existence while you push and pull things across the floor. Professional hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, provides exclusive service to protect the hardwood from normal wear and tear quite easily.

Have you ever visit a home or commercial space and felt the decor was outdated? Flooring trends come and go as time progresses. The area that is not up to date can leave you tired and depressed. Outdated flooring can hurt business regardless of the quality of your products or services. It’s not the hardwood flooring that’s out of date, but its finish always matters. Hiring the specialized hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, is one of the excellent ways to bring your home appearance back up with the trends.

Once your hardwoods are scratched, or some gaps arise between the planks, it can allow moisture in and lead to having several potential problems. Twisting and buckling of the wood floor can occur in numerous ways, including cupping, crowning, or gaping. It is an easy way of getting the precise flooring you’re looking for. The hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, provides the best refinishing service that will keep your flooring accurately and prevent problems from occurring before they begin.

No matter of your caring, hardwoods is always susceptible to damage. Micro grains of dirt can be trapped under your shoes and cause scratches over the surface. Your hardwood floors can suffer many things from children playing with toys to dragging of shoes, dirt, moisture from outside, and pets digging in with their nails. Furniture over it can dig deeper into the grain of the wood. Moisture is almost inevitable to hardwood floors bring some damage over time. You’ll have to have a specialized hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, to bring up a new appearance once again.

Moving into a new space can be exciting, but before jumping in is best to have your hardwood floors refinished. You can fully customize your flooring to match your incoming decor. It means your home will be as up-to-date as possible. It will ensure the longevity of your hardwood flooring and makes you worry-free for many years to come. Scratches, dent, and mark on the hardwood shorten the life of the wood. Properly maintained hardwood floor could save you from expensive replacements and extends the life of your hardwood floors. Ultimately it saves your money connected with the replacement of entire or the individual planks and keeps your floor looking great for decades.

Trust on Majestic Hardwood Floors, who take great pride in doing hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Charlotte, NC. For the best quote, call them at 704-497-4424 today!

Reason To Install The Hardwood Floor During This Winter

So you have decided to install hardwood floors in your home or office! Perhaps you might wonder about the subsequent steps in the process! Do you familiar with the installation? If yes, then you can feel more confident about your purchase of new hardwood floors. However, considering the new hardwood floor installation in winter is the best alternative for homeowners. Here are few of them among the many reasons

The dryness in winter is the prime advantage of installing the hardwood floors. During the winter, the moisture level is less moisture, and there will be no moisture gets trapped underneath the hardwood flooring. It will prevent the hardwood floorboards from buckling and warping over time.

You should be careful about preparing the area hardwood floor installations. The underlying concrete slab or subflooring may be moist during installation or it may remain damp. Mold and mildew thrive in damp subflooring. Professional hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, will run a dehumidifier, ensuring the subfloor is dry enough for further process. The interior air is often dryer in the winter than any other season in a month. Hence the hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, will advise it to do in winter.

The hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, also acclimate the hardwood flooring materials in the room itself. The acclimation process involves storing the flooring in the room where they will be installed. A week or two is enough time to ensure that the hardwood flooring materials have adjusted to the surrounding humidity and temperature conditions. It enables the hardwood flooring materials to prevent or minimize the gapping, buckling, cracking that could have happened to it later.

Hardwood flooring materials expand in heat and shrink in cold temperatures. It swells in humid conditions and shrinks in dry settings. Humidity and temperature are significant during the hardwood floor installation. It is harder to keep the space properly between flooring in the summer since boards are enlarged during that time. The boards placed right next to each other during summer will inevitably shrink and create gaps in the winter. The opposite situation may happen in winter and leave no gaps for the wood to expand with heat. The hard wood boards will swell if they have room and could buckle or crack later on. The specialized hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, knows the process better than others. They maintain proper gap between boards when installing wood floors in the wintertime and assure you no issues in any season of the year.

Winter is also suitable for a superior moisture and temperature control conditions that fit best for hardwood floor installation. Many families go on vacation, or home, during such time as well. Hence it is wise, ideal, and easier to schedule hardwood floor installation in winter vacation. It will lessen the inconvenience involved in the installation process, eliminate the risk of small fingerprints in the finish or pets running across the unfinished flooring and dirtying it up.

Call Majestic Hardwood Floors at 704-497-4424 or email at John@majestichardwoodfloors.com to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE today!

A Quick Guide To Refinishing Hardwood Floors And Maintaining It

Regardless of whether it’s a mystery treasure found under the carpet or hardwood floors you’ve had for a considerable length of time, revealing and refinishing hardwood floors will bring new life and a totally new style to your home. Hardwood flooring has stood the trial of time, elaborately and truly, in light of the fact refinishing is possible. Floors can be refinished to reestablish the wood’s unique appearance and sparkle, change its shading or finish, or mix with recently included wood.

What is included?

There are a few stages engaged with the way toward refinishing and recoating, and many rely upon the specific home and ground surface circumstances. You should anticipate a few days for each progression – stunningly better, plan to take some time off and get back home to breathtaking new floors after having the best hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC from professional hardwood floor refinishers.

Coming up next are the essential steps included:

Sand the floors

The finish needs sanding if there is a wax covering over the floor’s polyurethane finish or when there is damage or discoloration to the wood below the completion. During this progression, the experts sand down the current completion over the hardwood floors, to expose the wood. They utilize a dustless sanding framework, which will decrease the measure of residue spread all through your home during the sanding stage.

Pick a stain

Applying a stain to the hardwood is discretionary yet on the off chance that you need a specific shading stain applied, it should be done in the wake of sanding and before applying a completion.

Apply a completion

This adds character and solidness to your floors. Most complete requiring 2-3 applications with sanding between every application. You can select between three sorts of completions for your floors.

Polyurethane: oil or water-based. Polyurethane has changing degrees of a gloss with a sparkling or matte completion.

Varnish: matte-lustrous finish. Varnish arrives in an assortment of radiances, with the shinier being generally strong.

Penetrating Sealer: A characteristic looking finish that draws out the common grain of the wood.

Do not do it without anyone’s help. Refinishing your floors yourself may appear to be an extraordinary method to set aside some cash, however, hardwood floors are dubious and tedious to revamp. When you’ve found and leased every one of the devices you need and gave the time in question, you’re not going to set aside a great deal of cash. The scarcest slip up with a mechanical sander can destroy your completion, gouge the floors or your toe, or ding the baseboards and you will need to start from the very beginning. You can buff too hard and flimsy the floors or buff unevenly in the event that you sand inaccurately it appears in the completion and utilizing abundance finish will cause pooling and staining. You surely can do it without anyone else’s help, yet gauge your choices, time and aptitude level first to decide whether you should enlist an expert.

Instructions to Pick the Right Flooring Company 

Putting in new hardwood floors or refinishing your present hardwood floors is a major venture. Done right, they will carry solace and satisfaction to your family while expanding the estimation of your home. With such enormous speculation seemingly within easy reach, it is vital that you put some time and vitality into picking the correct hardwood flooring organization to work with.

While there are many home improvement projects that homeowners can effectively take on themselves; flooring is not one of those tasks. There’s an excessive amount of that can turn out badly and the stakes are excessively high. We prescribe that you pick an accomplished proficient!

Here are only a couple of things you should search for when investigating and conversing with deck organizations in your locale.

Great Customer Service

When you pick a flooring organization, you are consenting to give them a chance to make changes to one of the most important resources you claim. Referrals are in every case great however ensuring you likewise take a gander at online reviews. Peruse the reviews to ensure the deck contractor has been timely, respectful of your property, dependable, and obviously, conveys a quality product.

Access to Good Product Lines

Make sure your contractual worker approaches the top flooring materials available. Approach the organization you are working for about the assortment of flooring alternatives that have and make a point to, likewise do your own examination on the best deck items to address your issues.


Talk to your contractor and ensure they have experience doing hardwood refinishing, installations, repair work, and subfloor fixes. There are such a significant number of little factors that can change an occupation scope that you need to ensure if something springs up after the activity has begun your contractor will have the option to address the issue and make the fix immediately in the course of events.

Least expensive is not always best

Follow the familiar maxim about picking a ground flooring organization, “You get what you pay for”. More affordable is not generally the best in this situation. This is a long haul interest in the estimation of your property and completing it right the first run-through will pay off over the long haul. One botch on an establishment or sanding and refinishing can cost you a lot to fix.

Based on such search criteria it is for sure that you will land on having your hardwood floor refinishing done by Majestic Hardwood Floors in Charlotte, NC. They have the experience and knowledge to offer the best services. You can call them at 704-497-4424 to book an appointment.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Hardwood Floors 

After having, refinishing your hardwood floor if you do not maintain it properly then it is of no use. While hardwood is solid, dependable, and low-maintenance, there are a few tips you should remember to expand the life span and usefulness of your floor. This is what you have to know.


Trim your canine’s nails.

A canine’s nails can damage a hardwood floor, so have their nails cut each one to two months. Contingent upon the age, breed, and movement level of your dog, you may need to trim their nails even more regularly. A decent general guideline is to listen for tapping; if the canine’s nails are tapping the hardwood with each step, it is the ideal opportunity for a trim.

Keep floor mats by every single outside entryway.

Mats put simply inside or outside doors get little bits of debris from the base of your shoes and help counteract scratching or harming hardwood floor surfaces. Search for floor mats that give a solid hold to the feet, as this makes enough protection from removing dirt while moving the feet back and forth. Floor mats likewise lessen the number of particles that end up on the floor, making cleaning simpler.


Utilize high-temperature water to clean.

Utilizing high-temperature water may appear to be a simple method to slice through difficult stains and reestablish the sparkle of the hardwood. In any case, the warmth can make the water rapidly ingest into the floor and harm it. Rehashed utilization of high-temperature water can likewise bring about a dull appearance, as it consumes the completion. Rather, clean hardwood with a delicate, dry, microfiber dust mop, and just use oils or cleaning cleansers affirmed by the floor producer.

Allow stains to sit.

Tidy up stains speedily. Whenever left untended, spills can infiltrate the hardwood and stain the surface. Regardless of whether there is a spill on a carpet or floor mat, tidy it up immediately to maintain a strategic distance from the plausibility of it drenching through the texture and into the deck.

How To Select The Best Hardwood Floor And Installer

We love to do some house works ourselves. A few of us have what it takes to accomplish things like paint a room or construct new furnishings, and it very well may be amazingly fulfilling when the task is finished. Concerning hardwood floors, nevertheless, the complicated procedure requires a special set of abilities. That is the reason it is a smart thought to enlist proficient hardwood floor installers for having the best hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC. It is not that you only need to search for the best installer; you need also to find the best hardwood floor according to the condition you live in. Let us see how we can do both.

What to Look for in a Hardwood Floor Installer 

Regardless of whom you go with, there are a couple of key things to search for in a decent hardwood floor installer. Portions of the interesting points include:


For the best proficient wood floor establishment, it is ideal to pick an installer with experience. This is particularly evident when you are getting hardwood floors introduced, as the ill-advised establishment can cause a lot of issues running from uneven boards to noisy wood planks. There are some hardwood installers in Charlotte having years of experience introducing hardwood floors, and as far as the nature of their work. Their past activities represent themselves. For expert wood floor establishment, consistently pick somebody with the experience to introduce the floor accurately.


You can gain proficiency with a ton about a hardwood floor installation from the estimate you get.

It is a smart thought to get different assessments to ensure you are paying a reasonable cost for the activity. You ought to, likewise hope to arrange more ground surface than is expected to cover the area of your room or home. This is because the wood material will be sliced to fit the precise space of your home, which means a portion of the remaining wood will be unusable. Installers will consider this during the estimation.

Reputed installers offer free estimates as a feature of their on-location plan discussions, where one of their expert installers will come to meet you. The person in question will demonstrate to all of you of your ground surface choices, measure your floors, and give you an estimate for the activity.


The vast majority need hardwood floors at a reasonable expense. You’ll need to adjust quality and cost when settling on your choice; while you would prefer not to overpay, you additionally don’t need cheap wood flooring that doesn’t measure up as far as solidness and in general quality. Reputed installers offer competitive costs on the majority of their flooring projects and assurance the nature of every establishment. They additionally offer fabulous discounts to make their cost even better.


At the point when you look for hardwood floor installers, it is a smart thought to get some information about their installation process. This will help pick the best hardwood installer for your home. Some key inquiries to pose of your potential installers are:

  • Will, they set courses of events and keep you refreshed on them
  • Will they tidy up the zone before the establishment?
  • Will they discard any past flooring materials?
  • Will they remove any furniture for you before they start the installation?
  • Will they offer to move your furniture back in after the installation is finished?

The best floor installers will answer “yes” to probably a portion of those things.

Following these measures, you will definitely find the best hardwood floor installer in Charlotte. Now you need to select the best hardwood floor for your house. Let us see how.

Considerations to pick the most sturdy hardwood floor for your home 

Considering how to pick the correct hardwood floor for you? Assuming this is the case, you definitely realize that picking hardwood flooring is extraordinary speculation. They are strong, simple to clean, and can radically build your property’s value. Regardless of whether you are moving into a fixer-upper, or simply searching for a change, making sense of how to pick the correct hardwood floor for your way of life is an absolute necessity. Owning pets, living close to the seashore, or having a little space would all be able to influence your choice. This guide will enable you to pick the best hardwood floor for your house.

When talking about hardwood, the estimation of the sturdiness of each type happens on a hardness scale. For setting, one of the mildest hardwood species is Eastern White Pine, which has a hardness rating of 420. Patagonian Rosewood is at the opposite finish of the range, at 3840, and White Oak is close to the center with a rating of 1360. The higher the number is stronger is the wood.

Hickory, Maple, and Oak are probably the hardest wood species, so they are useful for homes with pets or a great deal of pedestrian activity. On the off chance that you like to have a decent supper gathering, or deal with your neighbor’s young doggie, this future the best hardwood floor alternatives for you.

The gentler hardwoods like Ash, Birch, Black Walnut, and Cherry will, in general, be somewhat progressively costly. While their unmistakable shading varieties add a refined touch to most rooms, these hardwoods are better for homes that see less action, or pet-free families.

So, you now know how to select the best installer and the hardwood floor for your house. It is best to contact Majestic Hardwood Floors to have the best installation and floor. Call at 704-497-4424 to have a talk with them and book an appointment.

Types of Hardwood Floor Refinishing Best Suited For You

Regardless of whether you claim a home or maintain a business, one of your principal concerns is the means by which to keep up your property and shield it from harm. That is the reason you have a mortgage holder’s insurance, and that is likewise why hardwood floor refinishing is so significant. Not exclusively will such refinishing of hardwood floor make your floors look new once more, however it will likewise ensure them.

Reputed organizations are dealing with hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC. You can rely on them to have the best job done as they have years of experience and knowledge backing their work.

When to Refinish Your Floors 

At the point when your once sparkly floors look dull and scratched, when the sheets are broken, split, or gouged, or when stains or water imprints deface the wood, wood floor refinishing can have a significant effect. Reputed organizations offer two degrees of restoring, contingent upon whether the harm is simply to the completion or to the wood itself. At the point when simply the completion needs reviving, it is conceivable to do a screen and recoat, otherwise called buff and coat. For more profound harm to the wood, or to change the stain shading, sanding and refinishing can be the best approach.

Which restoring is directly for your floor? It relies upon the state of the floor, is it strong hardwood or designed wood floors, and a few different variables. In the event that you are yet not certain, plan an investigation and gauge meeting with an organization dealing with hardwood refinishing in your locality. They will inspect your floor and prescribe the right technique for you, enabling you to keep up your wood floors in extraordinary looks and for quite a while. Wood Floors have numerous focal points over other ground surface arrangements, yet they do require appropriate upkeep to keep those favorable circumstances after some time.

Development from Cleaning Products and Floor Wax 

On the off chance that the floor is sticky, cloudy, demonstrates impressions, and pulls in soil, you may not need restoring by any stretch of the imagination. You may have utilized one of those floor cleaners intended to clean and give sparkle in one simple advance. We will not name names, however, you can have those items in every supermarket, and may even have composed right on the bottle that they are all right for wood floors. Overall, the acrylic wax used to bring back that sparkle builds up on the floor and makes the floor look extremely terrible. When you remove the waxy development, you may find that your floors look fine and dandy. In the event that you have waxed the floor, fortunately, you can, in any case, resurface the floor. The terrible news is that regardless of whether there is damage to the floor itself, you will need to do a full sanding to remove the wax totally. Wax responds straightforwardly with the polyurethane completes so the new finish will not adhere and pulls up.

The Screen and Recoat Process 

Screen and recoat include roughing up the outside of the current completion, with the goal that the new finish layer will adhere and not strip away. Since the old completion is yet flawless over the entire floor, customary upkeep of the completion will not just reestablish the sparkle, yet it additionally may delay the need to sand the floor, so your floor will last more. This is especially significant for designed hardwood, where the wear layer may just be thick enough, to begin with for two cycles of sanding before you would need to change the floor.

Sanding Floors 

There are various motivations to sand away the completion totally and apply a fresh out of the plastic new finish without any preparation:

  • To expel profound scratches and gouges
  • When there are patches in the floor so the patch is consistent
  • To expel floor wax
  • When there are regions, where there is complete damage to the finish
  • To address stains or other harm on the wood
  • To change the shade of the wood

If sanding of floors is, what needs doing then it is wise to depend on professional expertise. Each progression of the revamping procedure relies upon an even sanding work.

Whatever strategy you pick, you need to recollect that harms are harder to fix than if professionals do the activity from the very beginning. In case you do not know you can do it without anyone else’s help, employ an expert wood floor refinishing organization like Majestic Hardwood Floors. With long periods of experience and the correct hardware, you will get the ideal outcomes for your valuable floor. Even if you require hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NCyou can depend on them. Call at 704-497-4424 to book an appointment with them.

How To Know When To Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Wood flooring in Charlotte, NC homes has turned into a profitable, rich, and alluring detail. Done right, hardwood flooring brilliantly embellishes a house as it adds a specific style to the house where utilized. We know the most widely recognized explanations behind individuals to have hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC.

Nevertheless, the establishment of the hardwood floor is not the end of the arrangement, as you have to continually screen and deal with the hardwood floors to keep them from scratches, stains, and different imprints that can harm them.

Despite how much and how hard you attempt to keep up your hardwood flooring and guarantee it stays in flawless condition, at some point or another, the floors will start to deteriorate and there will be signs revealing to you the time has come to refinish your hardwood flooring.

More Refinishing

You should discover, exactly how much refinishing you can do on your hardwood floors before you have to, simply supplant them. While revamping your hardwood ground surface can help get it back to its underlying appearance, there is the farthest point to how often the deck can take it.

The way toward refinishing includes smoothing out the wood surface to reinforce the appearance. To achieve this, you need to sand off a portion of the wood. Hence, with consistent resurfacing, there comes a period where your hardwood deck turns out to be unworkably thin. Whenever sanded down past a specific point, the tongues and sections that fit the wood planks together will never again coordinate, which can cause fragmenting and even enormous openings in your floor.

Specialists recommend doing refinishing five times. So you need to know if your flooring has crossed that number before you try another.

Water Damage

Refinishing your hardwood floor can help free it of touches, scratches, marks and so forth, however, the equivalent can’t be said for water harm. When your hardwood ground surface has been harmed by water that is no doubt the part of the arrangement. The more you take to fix this, the more serious the harm will be. If not quickly ventilated, water can remain in the lower portions of the wood and proceed to twist and decay.

At the point when your hardwood floors begin to strip as well as clasp when you stroll on them, it is in all likelihood an indication of water harm. Different signs incorporate perceptible holes among sheets and the floors being unequal and feeble. To maintain a strategic distance from further harm or mishaps while strolling on the hardwood flooring, when you see these signs and can affirm that it is water harm, find a way to have that hardwood ground surface supplanted as quickly as time permits.

Change in Design Taste

One thing consistent in life is change, and your preferences can change simply like whatever else. You may choose you need a specific structure of hardwood flooring, however eventually you see better and increasingly delightful plans you would prefer to have. In the event that this case, you need to change the entire ground surface and have new ones introduced in your favored structure. Interior designers can look past the straight or square examples to plan something remarkable for your taste and the appearance of your home.

Resurfacing could be an alternative if the adjustment in configuration relates to shading as it were. The experts engaged with hardwood flooring can enable you to apply your ideal shading to the floor. In any case, on the off chance that you need to change something significant, for example, extensive boards or an alternate style of establishment, you should supplant your hardwood flooring.

Want for A Different Type of Wood

Like tiles and covers, hardwood floors arrive in a wide assortment of styles, and there are numerous wood types to look over. After a period, you may be disappointed with the kind of wood used to floor your home and look for something more pleasant, such as supplanting oak with maple. A few kinds of wood are more diligently than others are, and you may conclude that you need a story that is increasingly impervious to harm.

So, if you feel that you can continue with the same style and nature of wood that your flooring has then it is ideal to have refinishing done by Majestic Hardwood Floors. They have years of experience and knowledge offering such services. Call at 704-497-4424 to fix an appointment with them.

Why Should You Call For A Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

Hardwood floors are a classic and long-lasting addition to any home or business interior. But over time, it will start looking little dull, worn, and dingy. Unlike other types of flooring, a quality hardwood can better refinish into its new form. But refinishing can be a daunting task to try and tackle on your own. That’s why expert hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC can make the entire refinishing process easy. The ideal things about hardwood flooring are that you can refinish it multiple times without replacing the floor. But before that, one must ensure why one should like to make the hardwood floor refinished?

hardwood floor refinishing Charlotte, NC

Protect your investment:

Wood by itself is vulnerable to moisture and unwanted tiny particle during a typical day. The hardwood floor in your home suffers from elements from the outside blowing in, foot traffic, moisture from daily activities, scratches as you push and pull things across the floor, harsh sunlight and much more. Without a protective coating, wood can give way. Hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, is the best source for your refinishing job. They do the job on a timely basis and protect your hardwood floor from normal wear and tear. Specialized hardwood floor refinishing allows your floor space looking new without investing much or replacement.

Updating Your Style:  

Styles come and go with the progress of time. Have you ever move into a home or commercial space that felt out-dated? Having a home or commercial space that isn’t up to date can leave you tired and depressed. Specialize hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC, is one of the easiest ways to bring your interior back up with the latest trends. Hardwood floor refinishing can apply a new stain color to modify the appearance of your stories as well.

hardwood floor refinishing Charlotte, NC

Damage due to furniture: 

No matter how careful you are, your hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage from the heavy furniture in your home. With each moment, it can dig deeper into the wood grain and causing scratches over the surface. You’ll have to have the hardwood floor refinishing service in Charlotte, NC to bring them up to a new appearance once again.

Heavy Traffic: 

In most of the cases the top layer of hardwood flooring worn to be so thin. Further, if it had deeper blemishes or scratches than it is time to consider hardwood floor refinishing. Your floors can experience shoes dragging in the dirt, moisture from outside, pets digging in with their nails, and much more. The hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC can help you find the best solution to such most significant hardships happening to your hardwood floor.

Moving Into a New Space:

There’s nothing good like stepping into a new home. But before proceeding it is wise to have your hardwood floors refinished. Hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC can help you entirely modify and customize the home appearance by selecting the right color and gloss for the hardwood floor refinishing. It will ultimately match your interior décor as well.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service


Scratch, dent, and mark made over the hardwood floor will undoubtedly shorten the life of the wood flooring. Hardwood floor refinishing can remove such things and extends the life of your hardwood floors. They also help you saving your money associated with replacing the individual planks too. It can also keep your hardwood floors looking great for decades as well.

Restore the natural beauty of your floors with Majestic Hardwood Floors. They are the most trusted name in hardwood flooring and have been meeting the hardwood flooring needs of Charlotte, NC since last two decades with pleasant clients review. Feel free to ask questions consultation by calling at 704-497-4424 today!

Why To Rely On Specialized Hardwood Floor Installation In Charlotte, NC

We all wish to have our homes look appealing, along with an aura of comfort, relaxation, and coziness. You can achieve it in several ways in for of materials, furnishings, and decor for your home. A part of it can be flooring. Hardwood floor installation is often the most dominant aspect of a room. If you are looking to promote a comfortable space in your home or office space than a hardwood floor in Charlotte, NC, help you choose the right flooring.

hardwood floor installation

Installing your dream floor is not only a stylish upgrade to your place, but it seems like a lifetime investment.  Wood wins the prize as America’s favorite hard-surface flooring type, outselling vinyl, porcelain tile, and every other –option. It is vital to find the hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, that ensures the beautiful and long-lasting hardwood floor for your house! Here’s why specialized hardwood floor installation is the perfect option for your space.

Experts in Hardwood Flooring

Expert hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, has expertise and years of experience in the industry.  They guarantee brilliant improvement done to your home or commercial space only by the hand of professionals. They also provide excellent quality products that bring a new breath of life to your space.  It may include your living space, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or a grand reception lounge in your business commercial space.

Step-by-step consultancy

Hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC offers an outright counter your worries for selection and installation of hardwood flooring. Their experts have acquired extensive knowledge and training on hardwood flooring installation procedures. Gradually they also assist you in picking the best flooring installation options that genuinely meet with your budget and personal preferences.

Perfect Customer Care

Hardwood floor installations in Charlotte, NC, always take great care for all their clients. They not only supply professional services but also concerned about attentive customer care as well. They thoroughly understand your choice and preferences and promptly informed about each part of the entire hardwood floor installation process. Also, they help you in deciding the right type of wood, pattern, and finish to track the installing process.

Variety of material and price options

Hardwood floor installations in Charlotte, NC have extensive knowledge about several hardwood floor materials. You can confidently trust on the floor materials they provide for your home or commercial space. The hardwood floor materials they supply are also very well for its dissipation and durability. Furthermore, their ranges of products are available in the most budget-friendly prices on the market.

Service in the blink of eyes

Hardwood floor installations in Charlotte, NC, hire most qualified experts in the industry.  All of them are working in the industry for more than decades. All of them are masters in the art of hardwood flooring. They pledge to deliver the fastest service with care and dedication to every inch of your floor. They carefully understand your need and take the initiative to fulfill your specific desire. They make the clients satisfied with all of their pre and post arrangements and also provide a budget-friendly quote they issued. They make the prior preparations to carry out the job within a twenty-four-hour notice.

Majestic Hardwood Floors is leading installation companies in Charlotte to have meticulous experts for installing any hardwood flooring. They ensure everything runs smoothly, do proper planning to save your labor and materials cost. For a smooth wood, flooring process get in touch with Majestic Hardwood Floors today at 704-497-4424!

Hardwood Floor Installation Charlotte NC: Giving Your Floorings a Long-lasting Appearance

Perhaps, your home or office is nearing completion and you want to give it a unique flooring look. The hardwood floor installation in Charlotte NC is the ideal platform that is suitable for initiating this project. The fact is that a good flooring pattern has a way of improving the interior design of an apartment.

Sometimes, you may have an opportunity to occupy apartments that have wooden floors. At this point, you can hire experts from the hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte NC to work on it. This way, you rest assured of making your home come alive in its dormancy stage. On this account, here are some of the beneficial highlights of using hardwood floor installation in Charlotte NC.

  1. Durability

Perhaps, you have some apartments you want to lease out regularly. Your major profit shouldn’t be going into improving the interior design after an old tenant leaves. Therefore, sticking with durable building materials can help you reduce your budget on curb appeal improvement yearly. For instance, choosing the hardwood floor installation in Charlotte NC can help you save cost on regular flooring exercises. The fact is that woods have a strong structure and coating. The way, your floors can withstand scratches.

  1. Temperature management

A good way to manage room temperature is by opting for hardwood floors. The fact is that hardwoods can retain the right room temperature for your rooms. The way, you rest assured of spending less money on utility bills whenever you use hear pumps.

  1. Eco-friendly approaches

Rugs, no doubt, can t`rigger allergies in you, especially when you have a dirty one. The fact is that such rugs harbor dust and harmful organisms. Unfortunately, you may end up spending more on medical bills when you fail to clean these rugs. After all, your rugs may be hiding fecal matter of pets for weeks without your knowledge. However, you can make your home more eco-friendly by facilitating hardwood floor installation in Charlotte NC. This way, you can build a home that encourages healthy living.

Finally, embracing hardwood flooring is one of the modern ways to give your home a classic design. Fortunately, you only have little to do with refinishing your wooden floor when the need arises. After all, the hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte NC can improve all defective floors many years after the first installation. On this note, you can call in today for more inquiries. In the end, you rest assured of making less effort in improving the interior patterns of your apartment.